The original 3D printer filament sample subscription box.

Backed by leading 3D printing companies.

Over 20,000 boxes shipped.

More than 100 unique filaments.

Maker Box was founded in 2016 by two college students who really just wanted a better way to sample new filaments. With limited budgets for their 3D printing hobby, Kevin and Nicholas needed a way to try out filaments without the huge expense of an entire spool. Maker Box was born and has now helped thousands of other makers experience a wide variety of 3d printer filaments.

Maker Box has continued to expand their relationships with filament vendors, and in 2018 was acquired by Printed Solid - one of the largest 3D printing stores online. With Printed Solid’s extensive collection of 3D printers, filaments, and 3D printing accessories Maker Box now has the opportunity to further expand it’s filament selection and continue to provide the world class subscription and service that Maker Box provides.

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