April / May 2019 Maker Box News


The May 2019 Explorer / Everything boxes featured the following filaments:

*Note some first month subscribers may have received different filaments for this  month. Information will be listed on the bags.

This was a HIGH VALUE MONTH!  If you were to buy 1kg of each of this months featured filaments, it would cost you over $350!!!  With Maker Box, you get the chance to try these materials first!

Tianse Wood PLA.  Not all wood PLA are created equal.  Your box last month featured another brand.  How do the compare?  Which do you prefer?  We will offer you a few more woods in coming months to compare even more.

Nile Polymers Fluorinar-C.  We're not messing around with including this serious engineering filament.  High temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and toughness make this a great choice for demanding engineering materials.  Great discount offered on our members only discount page.

Carbodeon u-Diamond PLA.  We like to offer you exotic materials and I don't know if you can get more exotic than PLA filled with industrial microdiamonds.  Also offering a great discount in partnership with 3DUniverse. 

Innofil EPR InnoPET Brought to you via a partnership between Innofil and major polymer producer BASF.  This filament is a great blend of ease of use and mechanical properties.  Check the paper that came with the box for a great promo opportunity to win 5 free spools.

The May 2019 Easy / Everything boxes featured the following filaments:

This month introduces Filacube PLA2 into our easy circulation.  They have a ton of great colors, so it should be a lot of fun to collect them all over the year.  Plus they are offering a great promo (check the label in the bag).  25% more bonus size.  


The April 2019 Explorer / Everything boxes featured the following filaments:

*Note some first month subscribers may have received different filaments for this  month. Information will be listed on the bags.

Tru-Wood Cherry from Keene Village Plastics.  This is a wood filled PLA in a slightly reddish tone.  It should be pretty easy to print on nearly all printers that can handle PLA.   KVP will be providing a discount code, but had not yet done so as of shipping time.

Carbon Fiber Nylon from Push Plastic looks like a great choice for an engineering material.  High temp, stiff, UV resistant.  You'll want a hardened steel nozzle and an all metal hot end for this material.  Push has been a great long time partner for Maker Box and has provided a members exclusive discount at the discount page.  

Amazon Basics PETG.  A number of our community members asked about Amazon Basics, so we figured we'd include it.   No discount code provided, but it's pretty cheap already.  

Printed Solid Jessie PLA.  Printed Solid has partnered with IC3D to launch Jessie PLA, named after new CEO David Randolph's dog.  While Maker Box is no longer part of Printed Solid, we plan on continuing to maintain a strong working relationship.  Discount code at the discount code page.  

The April 2019 Easy / Everything boxes featured the following filaments:

This month features the four translucent colors of PLA from Push Plastic in a 25% more bonus size. 

Not sure what to print?

Many people wonder what to print with a 50g sample.  You may be surprised to find that many objects can be printed with 50g or less.  

Here is a thingiverse collection we have started with some ideas.  

Feel free to send us suggestions to add!

Link to Discounts Page

Looking for discounts on the filaments in the box?  Check the password on the paper in your box and go here.

Facebook Community

Want to know what everyone else is doing with their Maker Box samples?  The best place to join in the communication is our facebook group.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/MakerBoxCommunity/ 

Loyalty Programs

Aside from just offering awesome filaments every month, we offer several incentives for you to stick around!

1) Refer 3  new  members get a free box.  You can get info about that on your account page.

2) After 8 months of continuous membership, you get a free limited edition bonus filament.  This program started in January 2019, so the first free samples will be going out in August.

3) After 16 months of continuous membership, you get a free t-shirt.  Likewise, this program started in January 2019, so first free shirts are still a little ways out.

Tips on handling your sample

Welcome to the world of filament samples.  If you happen to be using 2.85, then read no further.  All you need to do is take off the zip ties.  If you're using 1.75mm, you may want some tips to prevent turning your nice sample into a rats nest.  

First, find something to put your sample on.  An empty spool laying around works just fine or you can be a bit fancier and print a spool holder.  We have some ideas in this thingiverse collection.  

If you're using a printable holder, you can probably just put the sample on the holder, remove twist ties and go. 

If you're being cheap like me, you're probably just using an old empty spool.  When I do this, I will remove the zip ties and then carefully, loop by loop, wrap it on to the spool.  If you hit a tangle, then usually the easiest solution is to walk the tangle through the loose part of the sample.  Remember, there are only about 40 loops on these samples, so walking a tangle out may be easier than you think. 


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